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Can You Cook That On The Cinder Grill?

One of our most frequently asked questions is “can you cook this item on the Cinder Grill?” While the food item changes with each request, the question is essential. Therefore we’ve decided to give it five answers as examples. These should demonstrate how versatile the Cinder Grill is, but also, what it cannot actually do. The Cinder can cook perhaps 90% of the requested foods. Also, it can always prepare side dishes for the rest!


Grilled Cheese: Versatile Panini 

“Can you make a grilled cheese on the CInder Grill?” Absolutely! In our Food Guide we include guidelines for making grilled cheese sandwiches. Furthermore, a grilled cheese is really a very simple panini, or grilled sandwich. We not only have dishes for several such sandwiches on our Recipes Page but we also have written a blog post all about the versatility of grilled sandwiches and how well they work with the Cinder. 


Vegetables: Crisped and Tender

“Can you cook vegetables on the Cinder?” Of course you can! Furthermore, in several ways. Cooking vegetables to temperature may seem overly fussy. However, keeping vegetables at a steady 185F during cooking can break down cell walls just enough but no more. This results in a tender yet firm texture and enhanced sweetness and flavor. Also, you can griddle vegetables over high heat on the Cinder Grill, with or without this pre-cook. They’ll emerge toasted brown outside and fresh and delicious inside. The Cinder Grill cooks vegetables very well indeed. 


Stews and Soups: Perhaps Not

“Can you cook stew on the Cinder?” The Cinder Grill can do many things, but it can’t cook food in a submerged milieu. In fact, the Cinder features a channel and a tray to remove liquid such as drippings which could interfere with cooking.  Also, the Cinder is not designed to transmit heat through another container with thicker walls than a foil packet. So while the versatile Cinder Grill can caramelize onions to enrich your soup and toast up some sandwiches to go with it, the grill can't simmer the soup for you.


Can You Cook Bone-In Steak?

Meat cooked on the bone is justly famous. The extra flavor, the

succulence, the dramatic presentation -- all these features make cooking on the bone very popular.  Fortunately, this style of cooking works well with the Cinder Grill. Because of the direct contact of the bone and the cooking plate, the Cinder can use the bone to improve heat transfer into the meat. If the bone is particularly sharp it may be a good idea to cover it with a little cheesecloth to prevent scratching the cooking plates, but otherwise cooking steak on the bone works fine with the Cinder.


Meats Other Than Steak? Yes!

This may be the most common version of the "Can you cook this on the Cinder Grill?". Fortunately, the answer is a resounding 'yes'! Cinder's single degree precision brings all proteins to their perfect temperature. The Cinder cooks delicate proteins such as fish with restaurant quality results.  So your Cinder Grill truly is a "magic meat machine", as it can tackle any meat you want!

We hope these examples display the versatility and precision of the Cinder Grill. With these ideas and our recommendations on How to Modify Recipes, you can cook any and all of your favorite dishes on the Cinder Grill. Except maybe the soup.


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