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How to Choose an Indoor Grill

Imagine: A frigid Boston Nor’easter. It’s below zero outside, there’s 3 feet of snow, and it’s March. You were hoping at this point you’d be outside in your cargo shorts and flip-flops, enjoying a pre-summer BBQ or hotdogs and hamburgers to feast on for your opening day party. Don’t let those mid-season blues get to you, that’s what the conclusion of March Madness is for. You can just as easily whip up those perfect meals indoors, and yes, on a grill.

It’s a bit overwhelming to pick the best indoor grill; there’s so many options to choose from with so many different features. We know you love the taste of the smoke from your simple backyard grill and the thrilling experience of turning over those fall-off-the-bone ribs, but you can truly get this taste and more for an indoor bbq.

Here are some tips and tricks on how to choose the best indoor grill for you:

Grill Type

First thing to understand is the grill type. There are two major types for a countertop grill: an open grill or a contact grill. If you’re wanting something more similar to an outdoor grill, the open top would best suit you. It has one grilling surface heated by electricity.

On the other hand, the contact grill has two grilling surfaces, one to cook from the bottom, and one to finish the process on the top. Think of a clamshell -- that’s what the contact grill looks like. An example of this would be the George Foreman grill, the electric countertop grill that paved the way for more advanced indoor grills.

The open grill would be able to cook all your traditional BBQ foods, but the contact grill goes above and beyond being able to cook a wide span of food.

We love doing pancakes in the morning and scallops at night on our Cinder Grill, each cooked to perfection every time. Even experimenting with new foods is a blast on the contact grill. Just last week we spiced up our Caesar salad with parmesan crisps on the top! Click here to make that your next meal.


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Voltage & Temperature Control

Once you’ve decided on the grill type, you will want to decide on the voltage of the grill. Typically, the higher the voltage, the hotter the temperature the grill will be able to get. If you’re using the indoor grill for mostly meat, a grill with lower voltage would not be recommended.

Another important feature would be the heat adjustment. This allows you to have more control over the grill and the wide variety of food they will be able to cook.

For Cinder, it's one tap and go technology. The temperature will stay constant throughout the cooking process, versus a stovetop constantly increase and vary with heat.

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Size and price go hand in hand when deciding on a grill in terms of practicality. Take a look at your kitchen (and wallet) before you make the final decision. Hint: The larger and the more features a grill has, the more expensive it will be. Grills can vary anywhere between $100-$2,000. However, a good indoor grill can be found at a reasonable price. (Our Cinder Grill is $429.00)

What will you be cooking?

Overall, the most important factor to take into account when purchasing an indoor grill would be what types of food you will be cooking. Most indoor grills allow for the chef to cook a wide variety of foods, while others simply focus on classic grilling.

So whether it be for Sunday brunch, game night, a quick dinner, or you love testing new things out, I think an indoor grill is for you. Usable in any season, anywhere, and anytime, your next favorite meal has never been closer. Happy grilling!

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