how to choose your grill? indoor or outdoor grill? cook the perfect steak every time

Indoor Vs Outdoor Grilling

Whether indoors or outdoors, grilling is a primal, satisfying cooking method. It’s tactile and versatile, and it’s an achievement and victory to grill the perfect steak. However, a major consideration when choosing your grill is whether to pick an indoor vs. an outdoor grill.  Both kinds of grills have their pluses and minuses. Therefore we’ve written a brief consideration of both kinds, to help you choose the best grill for you.

Indoor Grilling: Convenience All Year Round

Indoor grills, such as Desora’s Cinder Grill, are versatile and convenient. You can make steaks, grilled vegetables, and so much more, all from the comfort of your kitchen. No bad weather or lack of fuel can cancel your grilling session! 

Features of Indoor Grills:

  • They don’t take up much space
  • Even heating, especially with the Cinder Grill
  • Simple to clean and care for
  • Grill all year round
  • More affordable

Lesser qualities:

  • No smoke flavor
  • Smaller cooking surface -- cook fewer servings at a time
  • Temperature limit in the 400s


indoor grill cinder grill cooks the perfect steak every time

Outdoor Grilling: The Pleasures of Weather and Smoke

Meanwhile outdoor grills, which usually use wood, charcoal, or propane for fuel, allow for cooking much larger quantities at one time. Also, the smoke and high temperatures contribute delicious flavors to your food. . If you’re after that classic barbecue flavor, you’ll need an outdoor grill for that!

Features of Outdoor Grills:

  • Fueled by burning -- higher temperatures achievable.
  • Smoky charred flavors
  • Larger cooking area
  • More food means more people

Lesser Qualities of Outdoor Grilling:

  • Requires good weather
  • Heat can be inconsistent
  • Requires more work to maintain
  • Bulky and requires special storage
  • More expensive 

Indoor Grilling: Not So Different

Because indoor grills use flat or ribbed cooking surfaces, similar to those of griddles and wide pans, the results can be similar. They feature the searing power of such pans, but also their temperature limits. Because of this indoor grilling is easy to master -- you can absolutely grill the perfect steak indoors. However it’s not as different from other cooking methods as outdoor grilling.

Outdoor Grilling: Variations and Solutions

On the other hand, outdoor grilling is subject to unpredictable variations. Wind, weather, and fuel levels can all affect the heat output and therefore both the speed and evenness of cooking.  The best way to deal with this is to pair a ProJoe grill with an iKamand grill temperature controller to maintain its consistency.    

outdoor cook out on kamadojoe using the iKamand  cook the perfect steak every time using the iKamand

Ways to Grill The Perfect Steak

Whether you use an indoor grill or or an outdoor grill you can grill the perfect steak, and in the end that’s what matters. Whether you brown your steak over a hot fire that leaves the inside perfectly warmed, or gently bring it to temperature and then sear it quickly, you’ll have delicious grilled steak!  Both the ProJoe Grills and the Cinder Grill can be the best grill for you, depending on your grilling needs. 


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