Simple Alfredo Sauce using the Cinder

Simple Alfredo Sauce using the Cinder

Could you imagine creamy Alfredo Sauce from the Cinder Grill?  We couldn’t until he showed us, and then we realized – the Cinder Grill’s temperature control makes it perfect for such a temperature sensitive Recipe!

  • Flat Bottom Metal Mixing Bowl
  • Whisk
  • 1/2 Stick Butter
  • 2 Eggs (whole) or 2 Egg Yolks (more traditional and richer flavor)
  • 1/2 Cup Heavy Mixing Cream
  • 1/2 Cup Finely Grated Parmesan-style Cheese
  • Optional pinch of nutmeg
  • Optional ground white pepper / black pepper

This is a "whole egg" alfredo sauce.  Typically alfredo is made with just yolks and you can use just yolks but I feel that's wasteful and this sauce turns out delicious even if you use the whites.

This recipe uses a temperature control "bain marie" technique on the Cinder.  You want to find a very flat-bottom metal mixing bowl slightly less in diameter than the width of the Cinder's grill surface.  Open the Cinder and put a small "blob" of water on the Cinder and set the pan on the water (the water will help increase contact between the bowl and the Cinder to transfer heat better).

  • Turn Cinder to 165F.
  • Melt a half stick of butter in the bowl.
  • Add the two eggs (whole or just yolks depending on your preference)
  • Whisk slowly as butter melts and emulsify egg and butter
  • Mix in heavy cream.
  • Then mix in grated parmesan-style cheese (the cheese pictured here is a black pepper parmesan block cheese made in WI that I "grated" in my blender)
  • Continue to whisk over low heat until the cheese is incorporated into the sauce.
  • For taste you can blend in additional seasonings now: white pepper, black pepper, pinch of nutmeg, additional salt.  These are optional although the pinch of nutmeg is traditional.
  • Slowly whisk any seasoning you add in and slowly whisk one final time to make sure there are no clumps.
  • Then remove bowl from Cinder and reserve the Simple Alfredo Sauce while you cook your pasta.
  • At this point you can wipe the water off your Cinder from using it as a Bain Marie and use it to cook anything else (perhaps some lobster or shrimp to top the pasta)..  I'm going to make some lobster tails with butter and Old Bay for this particular plating.
  • Boil your pasta as normal and drain - remove from heat.  I used an Italian Sepia Pasta (black color comes from squid ink).
  • Then mix in the sauce to the hot pasta.  Optionally mix in any vegetables you would like at this time as well (fresh basil, chopped tomatoes, peas, sliced mushrooms are all good).
  • Here I mix in some tomatoes and Basil and then mix in the sauce.
  • The sauce mixed in with the pasta
  • Put mixed pasta and sauce on plates or bowls.  I'm going to top mine with the optional lobster that I grilled on the cinder while my pasta was cooking and a couple slices of black truffles


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