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Follow our blog to hear the latest from the Cinder Grill Team. Understand the technology behind Cinder, the magic of the Temp Sense algorithm and how Cinder performs precise cooking without a temperature probe.

Cinder Grill is not your average George Foreman Grill. Cook precisely like sous-vide in half the time and without using water. No more babysitting your grill while cooking. Enjoy effortless and delicious food and get your free time back.

how to cook the perfect steak in 3 easy steps

Olive Oil and the Cinder Grill

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Whoever came up with "Everything old is new again" must have been thinking of olive oil. This ancient condiment fits perfectly into modern lives, more popular and more delicious than ever. This blog post focuses on the tasty relationship between olive oil and the Cinder Grill, and how to make the most of both together.


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Scallop grilled perfectly on indoor grill cinder grill

The Mediterranean Diet and the Cinder Grill

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The Mediterranean Diet and The Cinder Grill

The Cinder Grill makes cooking from home perfect every time. Thus it contributes to the success of any diet, such as the Mediterranean Diet. Here are some ideas you can try out at home!

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