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The Paleo Diet & The Cinder Grill

The Paleolithic Diet, commonly known as the Paleo Diet, hearkens to our very recent past. The 2.5 million year long Paleolithic (Old Stone) Period ended only twelve thousand years ago. In evolutionary time that's only a moment.

Therefore, the Paleo Diet is based on the logic that we should continue to eat what our species has evolved to eat: whole foods including meat, fish, eggs, vegetables, fruits, nuts, seeds, healthy fats and oils, and herbs and spices. If and only if our ancestors twelve millennia ago would recognize a food, it belongs on the Paleo Diet.


Ancient Technology and New

The history of food is of course intertwined with the history of cooking. Humans have been using fire as a tool, not least in food preparation, for at least 1.5 million years. Part of that progression of heat control was a fairly quick expansion from simply cooking food in the fire to cooking food over the fire, and most importantly, beside the fire on heated flat surfaces such as hot rocks.

Think of the Cinder Grill as your modern, nonstick, degree-precise hot rock.

With the Cinder Grill you can cook meat to perfect doneness, vegetables to crisp succulence, and nuts to toasty deliciousness.  You can prepare delicate fish precisely, bake tubers and roots with hands-off ease, and take better advantage of healthy fats by keeping them safe from destructive high temperatures.  The Cinder Grill makes food preparation for the Paleo Diet almost effortless. 



Pork Loin Roast cooking to juicy perfection on the Cinder Grill


Simple Preparations on the Cinder Grill

One of the benefits of the Cinder Grill is the simplicity yet precision of its method. By performing sous vide cooking without a water bath, food is brought to the perfect doneness, and moisture and flavor are preserved.  Many of the creamy, sugary sauces and condiments avoided by the Paleo Diet were used to enhance the texture and flavor of badly cooked foods.  With the Cinder Grill’s consistently delicious results, those condiments won’t be missed.


Bringing Ancient Foodways Into Modern Life

While our genes haven't changed much in twelve thousand years, our lifestyle has changed hugely. We don’t have time these days to spend hours and hours foraging for and then preparing food.  Fortunately, the Cinder Grill’s hands-off cooking method -- just set it and forget it! -- turns cooking from an effortful chore into a convenient process. For the vast majority of the time the Cinder is cooking your meals, you can complete other tasks, or even take a break, while the Cinder Grill handles it.

Many of the recipes developed for the Cinder Grill are very friendly to the Paleo Diet, such as  a Pork Loin Roast , Roasted Summer Squash and Zucchini, or Halibut and Shrimp in Coconut Curry.  Using the Cinder Grill to prepare your Paleolithic Diet meals truly combines the best of the old and the new. 


Never Overcook Again

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