the Cinder Grill is the best indoor grill for all your cooking needs.

Why Should You Choose the Cinder Grill?

There are so many indoor grills on the market, the choices may seem endless. However, there is really only one indoor grill on the market. The Cinder Grill is the first of its kind, the world’s first smart indoor grill. It’s how to grill steak perfectly and how to sous vide without a water bath. It’s the best indoor grill, and really the only choice.


The Problem of the Indoor Grill

Indoor grills perch attractively on your countertop, promising convenience and easy cooking. However, most fail to deliver on their promises. They lack even heating, which results in unevenly cooked food. They also often lack multiple, or even any, settings. Therefore, their food is always both overcooked and pale. They deliver neither juicy interiors or deliciously browned interiors.  Only the best indoor grill, the Cinder Grill, delivers both.


The Cinder Grill is in a Class of its Own

The Cinder Grill’s perfect results come from accurate temperature measurement and pinpoint control. At every moment during cooking the Cinder Grill uses the TempSense(™) algorithm to track the food’s current temperature and to raise it just to the desired doneness. Most cooking methods use an excess of heat to bring food to doneness. However, this often results in overshooting the desired doneness, overcooking, and general woe. The Cinder Grill avoids this excessive heat and thus avoids its pitfalls. No other indoor grill can do this.


The Cinder Grill demonstrating why it is the best indoor grill.


How to Grill Steak Perfectly Every Time 

As an example, consider steak.  A delicious savory steak seems deceptively easy to prepare. Just place on high heat until both sides are browned, then serve, right? However, this method can fail in multiple ways, from overcooking the inside to leaving the outside pale and flavorless. The Cinder Grill is how to grill steak perfectly every time. It uses the reverse sear method, bringing the steak precisely to temperature, then switches modes to provide a professional-quality sear without overheating the interior. The result is the perfect steak, beautifully browned outside and pink inside from edge to edge. Even the most experienced cook can have an off night, but the Cinder Grill gets it right every time.


Grilling Without Smoke, Sous Vide Without Water

However, the Cinder Grill doesn’t just make the perfect steak.  It can prepare a wide variety of dishes, from vegetarian to dessert to any meat or seafood you’d like. Due to its even heating and fine temperature control, it makes delightful grilled sandwiches and  beautiful pancakes. Furthermore, it does all this on bonded ceramic nonstick cooking plates. Most foods won’t require any added fat except a spritz of cooking spray to sear.  

Best of all, the Cinder uses the sous vide method to accurately raise food to temperature, but without bulky, sloshing containers of water. This smokeless indoor grill uses its wide temperature range to adjust to nearly any food. Furthermore, its pinpoint control brings the best out of each and every dish.

Not only does the Cinder Grill cook evenly and precisely, but it’s also very easy to clean and care for. It’s the best indoor grill you can find, and you can only find it here on this site.   So don’t settle for lackluster food from mediocre grills! Choose the Cinder Grill for consistently perfect cooking at home. 


Never Overcook Again

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