Cinder Grill: Sous Vide Grill

Cinder Indoor Grill Sous Vide Grill for Precise Cooking

Hassle-Free Sous Vide.

No plastic bags. No water. No waiting.
A grill that sous vides without water.


A Grill That Sous Vides and Sears

"The Cinder Grill cooked dishes that rivaled the quality we've seen from sous vide devices such as the Anova Precision Cooker and the Joule. And you can sear your meat right on the Cinder after it has cooked."

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Thousands of sous vide aficionados have already converted to Cinder.

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Sous vide does one thing well — low-temperature precision cooking — but that's all that is does.

We like to think of Cinder as Sous Vide 2.0.

Get all the benefits of sous vide you already know and love in the form of a countertop grill — which makes all the difference.


Cinder Vs. Sous Vide

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