How is Cinder different than sous vide?

Sous vide utility ends where water boils, at 212 °F. Not only can the Cinder Sensing Cooker both cook and sear your food at temperatures up to 450 °F, it can also do everything a grill or cooktop can, all with precision and predictability. Cinder is intuitive and approachable—it doesn't require vacuum sealers or plastic bags, and precludes the lengthy process of preheating a water bath. 

While the Cinder Sensing Cooker is no doubt inspired by the same precision-heating goal of a sous vide, we designed Cinder to be much more approachable and user-friendly: Cinder opens like a familiar double-sided grill, doesn't require you to measure your food before determining a cook time or temperature, and can fry an egg just like your frying pan (but better). It also offers the unprecedented convenience of sensing when your food is done, alerting your smartphone to tell you so, and holding your food at perfection until you're ready to serve.

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