Software version release history


Open bugs

• Searing countdown timer runs at half-speed. Takes 1m30s but shows 45s; should show and run 45s. Suggested workarounds: stop searing halfway-through, use external timer, visually confirm doneness.


Cinder Firmware 1.7.5

  • Add logo at start-up 
  • Traditional grill mode for cooking at temperatures above 200F 
  • Add settings screen that is accessible via long press of knob 
  • Option to display temperature in Celsius
  • Improve speed of thickness reading 
  • Change wording of thickness calibration and cooling screens to reduce confusion 
  • Complete rewrite of display system to enable future UI improvements


Cinder Firmware 1.7.1

  • Fix freezing during firmware update


Cinder Firmware 1.6.1

  • Fix stability issues


Cinder Firmware 1.5.6

  • Reduced time to reach cooking temperature 
  • Cinder now indicates it is cooling down by turning knob yellow 
  • Cinder now indicates it is ready to sear by turning knob red 
  • Fixed a display issue when using the sear countdown 
  • Added audible notification when sear countdown is done ( 8 beeps )


Initial Production Release

Accurate as of Apr 3, 2018.

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