Temperatures for key techniques

Every cooking technique out there has a coresponding perfect temperature. You've been using them for years, but been guessing at the temperatures with settings on your stovetop. Below are the temperatures to set your Cinder to for each of the key cooking techniques.

  • Sweat – Around 225°. Enhance flavor of aromatics. Example: Garlic
  • Toast – Around 250°. Add flavor to nuts. Example: Almonds
  • Caramelize – Around 340°. Brown and add nutty flavor. Example: Apples
  • Panfry – Around 350°. Brown with a little oil. Example: Chicken cutlet
  • Sauté – Around 375°. Cook meats or produce. Example: Onions
  • Sear – 450° and up. Develop flavor and color in conjunction with longer, slower cooking. Example: Steak
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