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The Only Way

Simply stated, Cinder is the indoor grill with 1 degree precision. Cook your food to the perfect temperature with one tap. You’re notified when it’s done - delicious results.

Cook With Magic

Cinder is one of a kind. Our Temp-Sense™ technology cooks your food to perfection without a temperature probe. Just a little bit of magic so you enjoy flawless home cooking.

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Cinder Grill Medium Rare Steak perfect steak cooker grilling steak temps steak temperatures chart

Never Overcook Again

Our next-generation thermal control cooks food to the exact melt-in-your-mouth temperature you’d expect from a $750 Michelin-starred meal. It’s impossible to overcook with Cinder.

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The Miracle of Dinner

Tap-to-cook and let us do the rest. Whether pancakes on a Sunday morning or salmon on a Friday night: cooking is seamless. Trust Cinder to do the work for you, while you do what you love.

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