Get Started With Cinder

Congratulations on being an early Cinder Grill customer!

This page guides you through your first user

1. Connect Cinder

With Bluetooth enabled, pair your device with the Cinder (only needs to be done the first time).



2. Select Food Guide

The Food Guide conveniently provides a selection of foods and popular ways to cook them.



home screenshot

3. What's for Dinner?

Steak? Chicken? Fish? Even vegetables can be cooked to perfection in the Cinder. Just select it from the list.



select food screenshot

4. How Do You Want It?

No need to consult a table of temperatures - they're right at your fingertips.



select temperature screenshot

5. Begin Cooking

Cinder helpfully tells you how long it should take to cook your food. If your food is frozen, just hit the toggle and Cinder will defrost before cooking.

Simply press "Begin Cooking" to start.



begin cook screenshot

6. Food's Done!

Once the food’s target temperature has been reached the Cinder app will alert you—even if you're out of Bluetooth range.



cooking done screen shot

7. Not Ready Yet?

Let the food sit at the target temperature while you prep your side dishes and chat with your dinner guests. Cinder’s precision grill plates make it impossible to overcook your food. It waits up to two hours for you.



keep warm screenshot

8. Sear It!

Optionally remove the food from the grill and switch the Cinder into Searing mode (turn knob to 450°).

Use paper towel to wipe residue off the grill and food items. We also recommend liberally applying a high-smoke point oil before searing for maximum flavor.

Once the LCD reads "PRESS TO SEAR," place the food back into the grill for 45 seconds to develop that iconic caramelized look and flavor.

If you're cooking steak, go the extra mile to sear the sides of the meat: Use tongs to hold the meat against the grill surface for 15-20 seconds per side. Enjoy!


sear screenshot

Our Favorite Meal

Get a high quality cut of New York strip steak from Whole Foods. One with fat on the sides. Ask them to marinate it in black pepper sauce. Cook it medium-rare in Cinder (about 30 minutes) then sear it for 45 seconds. Finally, grab tongs and sear the sides too for 30 seconds each. Enjoy!

Frequently Asked Questions

  • Do I need to stir my food?

    Nope, no stirring required. Because Cinder's plates heat evenly and precisely, most foods you would cook on the Cinder don't require stirring. Just put the food in Cinder, set the temperature, and let it do its job.

  • Can I cook from frozen?

    Yes, you can place frozen food directly on your Cinder. Cinder defrosts your food at a low temperature until it reaches 32°F, then it begins cooking like normal.

  • What cooking techniques can Cinder accomplish?

    Because Cinder has both top and bottom grill plates, you can use it either by closing the lid like a countertop grill or panini press, or you can use it open like a pan or griddle.

    This means you can grill, broil, pan-fry, sauté, roast, sear, warm, and defrost. (Cinder is not ideal for baking, boiling or simmering liquid, or steaming.)

  • Can I cook multiple foods at once?

    If every item requires the same final temperature, absolutely.

    Because Cinder holds food at the target temperature indefinitely, even foods that take varying times to cook can be cooked simultaneously — nothing will overcook or dry out while you wait for the rest to finish.

    If the foods require different final temperatures, it's best to cook them in succession.

  • How do I clean the Cinder?

    Thanks to the non-stick plates, all you do is wipe down the grills with a damp paper towel and occasionally wash the drip tray whenever it fills up. (Cinder keeps all the moisture inside your food, so there's almost never anything to empty.)

  • Can I leave Cinder unattended?

    Yes! The Cinder Precision Grill will cook your food unattended, letting you focus on side dishes (or chatty guests). You can even run out to the gym and have your post-workout meal ready for you when get home.

    Cinder keeps your food at the target temperature for up to two hours with no loss in taste or texture.

  • How long can I leave my food?

    Most meats, including beef, chicken, or fish can hold for around 2 hours with no loss in quality.

  • Do I need to use the app when cooking with Cinder?

    No, the Cinder Grill can be used without the app — just set the temperature manually by turning the dial and waiting until Cinder beeps to let you know your food is ready.

    However, the Cinder app provides a better set-it-and-forget process: Select the food you're cooking from a list, choose your desired doneness (e.g. rare, medium, well done), and Cinder will not only estimate how long cooking will take (P.S. Cinder is faster than sous-vide), but it'll notify you when your food has reached temperature.

    That's all there is to it. We've kept the app dead simple. It gets out of your way.

    The Cinder App is currently available for iPad and iPhone, and the Android app will be developed once we hit our Indiegogo fundraising goal.

  • What foods can I cook with Cinder?

    Anything you could put in a frying pan, grill, griddle, or shallow stovetop pan, you can put in Cinder: proteins from duck breast to seared scallops, and vegetables from caramelized apples to silky-smooth caramelized onions.

    Here are some of our favorite things to Cinder:

    • Meat:

      Fresh, marinated, spiced, and frozen. Beef, pork, poultry, fish, Seafood are sooo good.
    • Tofu:

      Tofu steaks and marinated tofu stir-fry.
    • Eggs:

      Want to taste the perfect sunny-side-up egg or omelette?
    • Vegetables:

      Fresh eggplant, squash, garlic, and brussel sprouts
    • Onions

      and peppers: Grilled, fajita-style charred, or caramelized.
    • Potatoes:

      Homefries and hashbrowns
    • Desserts:

      Apple pie filling, grilled peaches
    • Sandwiches:

      Grilled cheese, paninis
  • How does the Cinder app know when the food is ready?

    Cinder measures the thickness of your food based on the top grill's displacement when closed. Then the app takes your food type and target doneness into consideration when monitoring the internal chamber temperature.

    The notification that your food has reached temperature is based on real-time data. Cinder runs a patent-pending algorithm to determine when this occurs.