How To Use Cinder Grill

This quick guide will walk you through how to setup and use your Cinder Grill.

1. Turn on your Cinder

Cinder grill How to set up

Plug in your Cinder Grill into a power outlet and press the on button at the front left of your Cinder Grill. The LCD will turn on and display.

2. Download the app and connect

With Bluetooth enabled, pair your device with Cinder (first time only). You can download the Cinder app on the App Store for iOS devices or on the Google Play Store for Android devices.

Cinder Grill Android App Smart Grill App


Cinder on App Store
Cinder on Play Store (Beta)

3. Choose your food temperature

 Cinder dial setup

Cinder Dial
Know your target food temperature? Simply dial it directly into Cinder Grill but turning the knob. No app required. You can use the knob on the Cinder Grill device for temperatures above 200 degrees F.

Cinder is smart. Use the app to set your target temperature as long as it's below 200 degrees F. Then you get notified when your food reaches the target temperature. Cinder knows when your food is cooked without a probe.

Food Guide
Find your food on the Cinder Food Library and choose your ideal doneness. You can also look at the food guide linked here with a temperature chart of recommended cooking temperatures:

4. Place your food and start cooking

Cook from frozen or fresh. Use the app to get a helpful cook time estimate.

5. Get notified when it’s done

Cinder's LCD screen will indicate when your food reaches perfect doneness. 

Use the app to get a notification anywhere in your home. 

6. Eat when you’re ready

Leave your food at perfect doneness while you prep your sides or chat with your friends and family. Cinder Grill makes it impossible to overcook your food. You can leave certain foods for up to four hours in your Cinder Grill but we recommend a maximum of 2 hours for meat and a maximum of 30 minutes for fish to ensure maximum food quality.

Bonus: For extra crisp, finish off with a sear

Try searing your steak, scallops, grilled cheese, duck etc.

  1. Remove your food and wipe moisture off Cinder with a paper towel.
  2. Pat your food dry for extra crisp.
  3. Drizzle a high-smoke point oil (i.e. canola, grapeseed, sunflower) on your food for maximum flavor.
  4. Dial Cinder up to SEAR. Cinder will heat to 450°F in just 3 minutes.
  5. When the LCD reads "PRESS TO SEAR," place the food, close the lid, and push the dial down.
  6. Wait ~45 seconds to develop fantastic caramelization. Go the extra mile and try searing the sides of your meat with tongs.

Share the joy of cooking on Cinder and enjoy!