Never Overcook Again.

Cinder is the only cooking appliance in the world that can precisely track your food as it heats and stop cooking once it’s done – but how?

It’s Chemistry

As we learned on the “What is precision cooking?” page, the goal is to reach an exact temperature throughout the food. But why is temperature so important?

Let’s use steak as an example. If you’ve used a meat thermometer, you have to understand that temperature signifies doneness - 125°F for rare, 129°F for medium rare, and so on.

Precision cooking means that we can set Cinder to 129°F and cook the entire steak to that exact temperature. Once cooked, the steak can then be seared with a flavorful crust, giving it the right external texture and flavor. 

The ability to quickly and efficiently change temperature is what makes Cinder a precision grill – Cinder really knows what is going on inside, and therefore can track the food as it cooks. With Cinder, there’s no overcooking and no second guessing – when it says done, it’s done.

How We Did It

Cinder’s precision is based on tracking energy output, and knows the exact amount of energy required for Cinder to heat to any temperature. Our patented heating element design ensures that heat is transferred evenly throughout the aluminum cooking plates. 

As the aluminum plates heat to the target temperature, the side skirt encloses the cooking area to minimize airflow and heat loss. Though Cinder is not an airtight container, it is well-insulated minimal airflow captured in the cooking chamber. This enables accurate measurement of total energy usage and ensures even heating  across the surface of the plate.

When food is placed inside, the starting temperature of the food cools the plates, drawing more energy to maintain the target temperature. Based on this variation in energy output (as well as other variables like food thickness), Cinder is able to calculate the temperature of your food. The food directly contacts the cooking plates on top and bottom, and the heat is transferred through conduction.

As a thermometer embedded in each of the plates measures real-time temperature, Cinder increases or decreases its energy output, heating until the plates reach the target temperature and require no more energy output to maintain it. Real-time data is fed to the system algorithms to calculate just the right amount of energy required to maintain the target temperature without ever exceeding it.

What does that mean for you?

It means no more overcooking. No trial and error, no hovering around the skillet, no second guessing yourself.

It means dinner is ready when you’re ready. No more timers, no more hurrying to set the table, no more stressing about everything being hot and ready at the same time.

It means better food, more easily cooked. Less time cooking and more time conversing. Less worrying about quality and more time wondering what you’ll make next.

It means amazing food, every day. That’s the magic of Cinder.