NY Strip Steak

We've designed Cinder to make precision cooking effortless. Here's a step-by-step breakdown of how to cook a New York Strip Steak.


Two-Step Precision Cooking

Just like our butternut squash recipe, this is the most common way you use Cinder – cooking the inside to a precise temperature, then increasing heat to add a textured exterior. 

  1.  Low-Temperature Cooking – the steak is cooked to 131℉, the precise temperature for medium rare.

  2. High-Temperature Searing – heat is increased and the exterior of the steak is seared at 450℉, caramelizing the surface and giving it a smoky taste.

    Step 1: Place in Cinder

    Step 2: Select food type and doneness in Cinder app 

    In this recipe the goal is to cook the steak to exactly 131°F.

    Here, Cinder will measure the starting temperature of your steak and give you an estimate of how long it will take to cook. Your app will notify you once your steak has reached the target temperature. 

     No iOS Device? No problem.

    You can set the temperature manually – Cinder will track your food as it cooks and stop once it reaches the target temperature. 

    Step 3: Remove steak from Cinder and increase heat to Sear

    Step 4: Return Steak to Cinder, Sear 45 Seconds

    Step 5: Remove from Cinder, and Enjoy!


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