Exclusive Open Box Sale

Exclusive Open Box Sale

We are running our Once a Year Blowout Sale of our Certified Open Box Grills.
This chance only comes around once.

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Never overcook again

Cinder uses state of the art technology to combine Sous Vide and grilling using patented hardware.

  • Reduced Price: $299 vs $429
  • Factory Certified: 1 year warranty
  • Sales are final
  • Free Shipping in the USA

What is Cinder?

Sous Vide

Cinder is a Sous Vide machine, but without the water or the bags. So less mess and hassle, and more time for enjoyment for you.


The first of its kind, Cinder an indoor electric grill that cooks, grills, and sears all in one. It’s perfect for steaks, salmon, pork chops, and even crepes.

Never Overcook

With Cinder, It’s impossible to overcook. Once the food is cooked, Cinder keeps it at its desired temperature, taking the guesswork out.

Cook From Frozen

Cinder can cook your food directly from frozen to your desired temperature. Achieve the same mouth watering results with food straight from your freezer.

Cook With Magic

Cinder is one of a kind. Our Temp-Sense™ technology cooks your food to perfection without a temperature probe. Just a little bit of magic so you enjoy flawless home cooking.

Never Overcook Again

Our next-generation thermal control cooks food to the exact melt-in-your-mouth temperature you’d expect from a $750 Michelin-starred meal. It’s impossible to overcook with Cinder.

The Miracle of Dinner

Tap-to-cook and let us do the rest. Whether pancakes on a Sunday morning or salmon on a Friday night: cooking is seamless. Trust Cinder to do the work for you, while you do what you love.

Get cinder for $299 instead of $429

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Terms & Conditions

  • Units could include minor cosmetic defects, slightly damaged packaging, customer returns, and/or demo units.
  • All Certified Open Box Sales are final and are backed by our 1 year manufacturer’s warranty.

"The results are delicious. Cinder is your new favorite home appliance."

"This smart grill will cook almost any food perfectly."

"Chicken breast, duck breast, and salmon filets all came out tender and juicy with minimal fuss."

"Cinder is the magical meat-maker you always wanted."

"A grill that makes perfect steak using satellite AI."