Quick Start

 Here's some important things to know before you cook.

1. Please perform the thickness calibration

This is a quick procedure that is best done right away with nothing inside the unit. It lets the timing estimates be accurate. Here's how:

  1. Unbox Cinder, remove and discard all packing material
  2. Make sure nothing is inside Cinder  (no packaging, food, etc.) and close the lid down all the way.
  3. Turn on Cinder and follow the instructions on the screen.
  4. If the calibration fails repeatedly, please email us right away (hello@cindercooks.com). Unfortunately there is not an easy way to recalibrate the unit at this time.  ( an error might look like: "SOMETHING'S WRONG - let's try later")

2. Always place food inside Cinder before cooking

Please remember to place your food inside Cinder before starting to cook. Your cooking session starts by tapping on "Begin Cooking" after picking the food you wish to cook using the Food Guide.

3. Remember to remove food before searing

After reaching the correct internal temperature, the final step for most foods is to sear the outside. The goal is to sear just the very outside at extremely high temperature to develop flavor and crust. If the food remains on Cinder during that time it may overcook, so be sure to remove it once it has reached temperature, and until the searing pre-heat is completed.

4. Unboxing is easy by turning the box over

Weighing in at 31 Pounds, Cinder can seem a bit tough to get out of the box at first. We've designed Cinder's packaging to make it easy one key tool – gravity! See how in this short video (click to open): 

Unboxing Video


4. Get the iOS app

The app makes it easy to set up Cinder to cook your food to a specific temperature and be notified. Here's a link:

 Get the App from the Apple Store


There are a few known issues that we are going to fix in the next few weeks with a firmware upgrade, you can check the list here

Please enjoy and send us your feedback via the app or via email (hello@cindercooks.com).

Cinder Team