Beautifully seared scallops from the Cinder Grill.  Photo credit Adisak Pochanayon

Using Parchment With the Cinder Grill

Parchment paper is a versatile and inexpensive kitchen tool, and nowhere more so than when partnered with the Cinder Grill. Some of the many ways to use parchment paper to augment the Cinder Grill’s capabilities are:

    • Cooking on parchment

    Occasionally during the cooking phase, the water-soluble proteins on the surface of the food can adhere to even the slickest grill plates.  Small squares of parchment paper placed under the food will keep the food’s surface and the plates’ surfaces apart, preventing any sticking whatsoever.

    • Searing on parchment

      Even if the food slides as cleanly off the plates as it should, the high heat of the sear may cause residue to stick, potentially damaging the nonstick surface. Because parchment is heatproof to well over 500 F, and also not made of metal, it’s a far better choice than aluminum foil (which could scratch the plates). Simply use the trusty technique of a small square, just a little wider and longer than the food, placed beneath the food while searing. Searing may take a few seconds longer, but the nonstick guarantee is worth it.

    Scallops seared on parchment
    Photo credit Adisak Pochanayon

    • Cooking with glazes

      Glazes finish off a dish with a gleaming, appetizing surface, but many contain sugars and proteins which can adhere to the best nonstick. Using a piece of parchment which covers the entire plate can contain any spillover of glaze and render cleanup almost instantaneous.

    • Cooking en papillote

      This method of cooking food inside a paper packet steams the food in its own juices for enhanced flavor and delicate texture. It also results in a dramatic presentation, perfect for entertaining, and works even more beautifully on a Cinder than in the oven. Just use any recipe but set the Cinder to 50F lower than the oven temperature called for -- because the Cinder uses heat conduction through solid plates rather than through air, it won’t require quite as much heat.

    For ease of use, fold a wide sheet of parchment several times and cut along the edges to make a stack of single-use squares, which can be kept in a kitchen drawer and pulled out as needed.  Using parchment paper with the Cinder Grill can raise perfection to new heights!


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