Pork loin roast cooked on cinder grill indoor precision grill

Pork Loin Roast

Pork Loin Roast (bone in or bone out)

Pork loin roasts can be challenging to cook well, especially when stuffed. The edge to edge temperature control of the Cinder Grill ensures perfection even with these larger roasts


Serves 4-6


  • 2.5 - 3 pound Pork loin, bone in or boneless
  • ½ pound Fresh Chorizo
  • Salt and Pepper to season





  1. Rinse your pork loin and pat dry

  2. Gently cut into the pork loin ⅔ of the way to open it up into an even surface (butterfly)

  3. Cover the pork with plastic wrap and, using a meat tenderizer, gently pound to an even thickness

  4. Cover ⅔ of the pork with chorizo and roll it up so that the skin is on the outside

  5. Tie your roast every 1 ½ inches to insure that it holds together

  6. Place the roast on the Cinder plates and close the lid

  7. Set your cinder to 155°F (approximately 4.5 hours)

  8. Once your roast is cooked, remove from the cinder and clean the griddle plates with a damp towel

  9. Raise the temperature of the Cinder to sear and place the roast back on for 3 minutes

  10. Lift the lid of the Cinder and rotate the roast to sear the other parts that may not be golden brown and continue to sear for 3 minutes

  11. Remove roast from your Cinder and allow to rest for 10 minutes covered lightly with aluminum foil

  12. Slice and serve along with your favorite chimichurri or salsa verde


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