perfect tasty crepes on the cinder grill

Crêpes and the Cinder Grill

Crepes are beautiful deceivers. They radiate elegance, class, and difficulty, but only the first two are true. Indeed, crepes are thrifty and simple, especially with the easy recipe and directions given in our Strawberry Crepe Cake. However, crepes go far beyond dessert. Read onwards for some ideas of the vast versatility of crepes, and remember to cook them on your Cinder Grill for perfect results.


The Basics of Crêpes

Crepes require only a few ingredients and a little patience. Flour, eggs, milk, and water to thin them out. Used in our easy recipe, these low cost ingredients add up to more than their sum. Also, the Cinder Grill’s precision heat control guarantees that your crepes won’t overly brown or turn rubbery. Furthermore, they store beautifully, separated by wax or parchment paper, then chilled or frozen. A little time and a double recipe will provide a bounty of crepes to use in quick meals down the line. 


Savory Crepes Provide Elegant, Perfect Results

Almost any filling looks more elegant when served wrapped in a crepe. Try combinations you already know, such as smoked salmon and sour cream, or sauteed and sauced mushrooms. However, spicier flavors also work well with the delicate richness of crepes. How about a curry wrapped into parcels, or sauteed vegetables with hot peppers? Crepes offer an ideal base to modify and experiment with recipes and still assure yourself of perfect results. 

Speaking of wrapping, there are several ways to wrap food in crepes. One can lay the food on the middle third, then fold the sides over. Secondly, place the filling in the center, fold the sides in, then the top and bottom, making a parcel. Turn that parcel over for a neat finish. The food can also go along one edge and be rolled up into what becomes the center. Finally, the crepe can be folded into quarters, which is most appropriate when they’re being filled lightly or not at all.


Extend Leftovers, Try Out New Ideas

Because crepes add protein and bulk, they can cleverly extend food. For example, suppose you only have one chicken breast and three diners, but you also have a stack of pre-made crepes. Slice the chicken breast thinly, saute with plenty of flavorful vegetables, and build a rich sauce based on butter or olive oil. Then spoon the mix into the centers of three crepes per person, fold the sides over, and serve a filling meal based on an easy recipe. 

This concept can also be used to try out new ideas, and to save mishaps. For example, when the omelet converts itself into scrambled eggs, serve it wrapped in crepes with some asparagus or spinach. The accident will look intentional, and elegant as well. 


Diverse Desserts

Crepes are of course justly famous for their use in desserts. By wrapping up tasty surprises they add excitement and panache to the last course. Also, they can enclose just about anything, from warmed apple pie filling to melted chocolate topped with cream.  For delicious entertaining, set up a stack of warmed crepes with several choices of fillings, from sliced strawberries to ganache, and let your guests enjoy putting together their own personal desserts!


An Easy Recipe For Stunning Cakes

Of course, no mention of dessert crepes is complete without the drama and majesty of the many-layered Crepe Cake.  Our example features strawberries and cream, but there are many more possibilities. Almost any filling which can be wrapped in a crepe can be stacked with crepes, as long as it’s not too chunky. Try a cake with every other layer of chocolate or caramel, or use a particularly tasty jam. You could even sautee some shredded carrots and pineapple until caramelized, mix in crushed pecans, and top the cake with a billow of whipped sweetened cream cheese. How’s that for an amazing yet easy recipe?


Bringing crepes into your kitchen is as easy as whisking up some batter and turning on your Cinder. Furthermore, immense benefits and perfect results will far exceed the small effort our easy recipe requires. Enjoy crepes from your Cinder Grill!


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