Frequently Asked Questions Part 2: Operating the Cinder Grill

Frequently Asked Questions Part 2: Operating the Cinder Grill

The Cinder Grill is very easy to understand and use. However, more information is better than less. Therefore, we’ve put some answers to frequently asked questions in a convenient location! Moreover, they add up to an overview of the world's first smart countertop grill.

We’ve divided the FAQ into four sections for clarity. This one is Operating the Cinder Grill. The others are Cooking on the Cinder Grill, Product Information, and Purchasing & Shipping.   


Q: How do I clean the Cinder Grill?

All you need to do is wipe down the plates with a damp paper towel, and then wash the drip tray whenever it fills up. However, make sure to let the grill plates cool down slightly first. You can find more details in our blog post on How To Care For the Cinder Grill.


Q: Do I need to use the app when cooking with the Cinder Grill?

No, you can use the Cinder without the app, by controlling it manually with the dial. However, the Cinder app provides a better set-it-and-forget process. For example, it will alert you when your food is ready without your having to check the Cinder’s LCD screen. Most importantly, we've kept the app simple to make sure you can focus on the things that matter. The Cinder App is currently available for iOS and Android .

Delicious steak cooking on the Cinder 


Q: How does the app's time estimate work?

The Cinder app provides an estimate for how long cooking will take. This is only an estimate, and will improve over time. However, to make sure Cinder has completed cooking your food, please wait until the app or Cinder's LCD screen states that the food has reached temperature.


Q: How do I calibrate/recalibrate?

When you first turn your Cinder on, it will ask you to calibrate. This allows the countertop grill to know its internal dimensions, which in turn lets it accurately monitor cooking. To do so, close the lid and press the knob directly down from the center, and hold for a few seconds. Then let go and press again quickly. The ring around the knob should light up in green as the Cinder Grill tells you calibration was successful.  If you need to recalibrate, hold the knob down for about twenty seconds to re-set the measurement. Then go through the calibration steps again.


Q: Is it safe to leave the Cinder Grill unattended while cooking?

Yes! The Cinder Grill will safely cook your food unattended. This smart countertop grill keeps your food at the target temperature for up to two hours. There’s no loss in taste or texture. Furthermore, there's no danger of overheating or mishaps.


Q: What do the colors around the knob mean?

The Cinder Grill communicates using its LCD screen and the lighted ring around the knob. The colors of that ring mean:

Off:         Idle mode 

Solid blue:     Cooking under manual control.

Flashing blue:     Cooking under remote control via the App.

Yellow:     Calibrating the device

Green:     Calibration successful

Red:        Searing mode or error signal.


We hope this FAQ answers the majority of your questions. Remember, the other sections are at Cooking on the Cinder Grill,  Product Information, and Purchasing & Shipping.  Also, more information can also be found on our Solutions Page and our Support Page.  And you can always email us at . We’ll be glad to help. Enjoy your Cinder Grill, the world’s first smart countertop grill!



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