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Follow our blog to hear the latest from the Cinder Grill Team. Understand the technology behind Cinder, the magic of the Temp Sense algorithm and how Cinder performs precise cooking without a temperature probe.

Cinder Grill is not your average George Foreman Grill. Cook precisely like sous-vide in half the time and without using water. No more babysitting your grill while cooking. Enjoy effortless and delicious food and get your free time back.

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Meat Lovers’ Roasts on the Cinder Grill

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One question we’re frequently asked about the Cinder Grill is if we will make it in multiple sizes. Right now we’re more focused on how meat lovers can enjoy the flexibility of our current size. Our magic meat machine can cook anything from a single meal to a feast’s centerpiece. Therefore, there’s no better way to demonstrate that versatility than with a delicious, show-stopping roast that feeds a crowd. Furthermore, roasts are often considered tricky recipes, but with the Cinder Grill you’ll cook like a pro every time. 
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How's Your Carnivore Month Going?

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January is World Carnivore Month! The ultimate goal of every New Year’s Resolution is to change your life for the better. The challenge of Carnivore Month really delivers on that promise. Not only do you spend the first month of the year treating yourself to a healthy and delicious diet, but you can find support wherever you turn, knowing thousands of people are working on the same project as you are.
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