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Meat Lovers’ Roasts on the Cinder Grill

One question we’re frequently asked about the Cinder Grill is if we will make it in multiple sizes. Right now we’re more focused on how meat lovers can enjoy the flexibility of our current size. Our magic meat machine can cook anything from a single meal to a feast’s centerpiece. Therefore, there’s no better way to demonstrate that versatility than with a delicious, show-stopping roast that feeds a crowd. Furthermore, roasts are often considered tricky recipes, but with the Cinder Grill you’ll cook like a pro every time. 


Tie Like a Pro

Before we talk about some of the recipes we’ve created to satisfy meat lovers, let’s discuss how and why to tie a roast.  Our Michelin starred chef, John Crichtley, kindly wrote up an illustrated guide for us. Tying a roast results in a neat attractive package, but the effects are more than cosmetic. In fact, giving the roast an even shape results in even cooking all the way through. It also ensures neat portioning, so you can serve lovely slices like a pro rather than dripping hunks. Not every roast needs to be tied, but in general we do recommend it.


Some Roasts From The Magic Meat Machine

We’ve chosen these recipes to demonstrate the variety of impressive roasts you can make on your Cinder Grill. Every one of these will both please and feed several meat lovers. Also, these recipes, like all the entries on our Recipes page, will inspire you to adapt your own favorite recipes to our magic meat machine. 


  • Roasted Butterflied Lamb Leg  Lamb is a tasty red meat with less saturated fat than beef. However, it’s often feared by cooks for its reputation for being difficult to cook and terrible when well done. The Cinder Grill prevents any overcooking and provides a nice sear. You’ll serve up a lamb roast to please all meat lovers!


  • Bacon Wrapped Meatloaf.  Nothing jazzes up any roast like wrapping it in bacon! However, this can be easier said than done. Chef Critchley’s clear precise directions and the Cinder Grill’s precision cooking will make your meatloaf foolproof and delicious.


  • Dry Brined Turkey Breast.  Whole turkeys contain such different kinds of meat that it makes sense to separate them. A whole roasted turkey breast is just as impressive, and also far more likely to cook properly, especially on the Cinder Grill. Present your perfectly roasted turkey breast like a pro!


Three More Roasts....

  • Pork Loin Roast Stuffed With Chorizo  Pork loin is another cut with a fearsome reputation for dryness and blandness. However the Cinder Grill prevents these problems. Our magic meat machine cooks the pork loin to even juiciness from edge to edge. It would be perfect even without the chorizo, but why not gild the lily?


  • Pork Tenderloin Wrapped in Bacon.  This roast marries rich bacon and lean tenderloin for a tasty varied effect. On the other hand such a combination would risk drying out the inside while leaving the outer bacon half-raw. But not on the Cinder Grill, which turns this roast out perfectly, to the delight of all meat lovers!


  • Whole Roast Duck.  Once again our magic meat machine comes through. The Cinder is large enough to cook a whole bird at once. Furthermore the robust drip tray can handle all the rendered drippings.  Finally, butterflying a bird (by taking out its spine before cooking) makes it much easier to carve when served. Dazzle your guests like a pro with this golden duck!


Meat Lovers’ Delights

As you can see, roasts are a great way to maximize your Cinder Grill.  We have quite a few more recipes for roasts on our Recipes page. Furthermore you can use any of our recipes as a blueprint to modify your favorites for the Cinder Grill.  Use our magic meat machine to produce showstopping roasts and delight the meat lovers in your life, including yourself, like a pro! 

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