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Keto Tips and Tricks and Recipes

The Ketogenic diet is more than ‘just’ a diet. It’s a new way of life. As such, it needs to be sustainable for the long term.  The Cinder Grill helps, by preparing animal based protein easily and deliciously. With its pinpoint temperature control and perfect results, the Cinder Grill helps you recreate dishes you’re used to. Also it enables you to explore and experiment, without the risk of destroying dinner. We’ve provided a few keto tips and tricks, as well as selected recipes and healthy dinner ideas, to help you balance the familiar and the new while adjusting to the Keto diet.


Keto Sauces From Scratch

Sauces and condiments are a delightful addition to any meal. Furthermore, they’re a chance for creative cooking, and also a good way to consume healthy fats.  When making pan sauces, two useful ways to thicken them are to use an emulsion or to use nut butters. An emulsion means combining water-based liquids with oil-based ingredients. Mayonnaise is a good example of an emulsion, oil suspended in vinegar with egg yolk and mustard to maintain the emulsion. Both raw egg yolk and mustard (unsweetened, of course) can be used to thicken sauces, teamed up with some grass fed butter or coconut oil. Gently warm the liquid base and whisk in your chosen fat and thickener until the sauce is homogeneous and thickened. Don’t heat it too much or it may ‘break’ and come apart.

Nut butters combine fat and thickener in one. The tiny nut particles help thicken the sauce by absorbing liquid and by keeping the fat suspended. Try whisking in mild macadamia nut butter for a subtle flavor shift. On the other hand, you can make the bold nuttiness of pecans or walnuts the main flavor of your sauce. Healthy dinner ideas for including more protein, more fat, more goodness. Keto tips and tricks you can taste!


Healthy Dinner Ideas: Keto Side Dishes

The Cinder Grill excels at preparing vegetables for all your side dish needs. Actually, vegetables benefit from cooking to temperature just as much as animal based protein. Proper heat control in vegetable cooking makes the difference between crisp snappy results and a sad sulfurous mush. Try any of the vegetable recipes we list, or use them as a template to create new ones.

Side dishes can also provide a touch of familiarity in this new keto world. Replace pasta with spaghetti squash, for instance. If you miss crisp crackers, Parmesan Fricos are easy and satisfying. Furthermore, cauliflower deserves special mention. Its ability to stand in for potatoes and rice is unparalleled, and the basis for many keto tips and tricks. Instead of steaming or simmering, use your Cinder to cook cauliflower to 210 degrees. It’ll cook evenly, with the proper balance of tenderness and texture, and without losing a single vitamin.  Try these healthy dinner ideas and more on your Cinder Grill. 

 Grilled Crispy Halloumi on Cinder grill

Explore Keto Baking

Keto baking is an entirely new field of cooking. A full explanation is beyond the scope of this article, but here are a few keto tips and tricks.

Because both avoid gluten-containing carb-heavy grains, keto baking has a large overlap with gluten free baking.  Many of the same flours, especially nut and legume flours, are used. With temperature control and nonstick plates, the Cinder Grill is actually excellent at baking. Not only do we have several pancake and crepe recipes, any of which can be adjusted to use keto-friendly flours and sweeteners, but we have a grilled peach cake which is already gluten-free.  Feel free to experiment with keto baking using the Cinder Grill. 


Keto Batch Cooking: Chicken Dinner Ideas

Some days there just isn’t time to cook. This is where batch cooking comes in. By preparing several servings of animal based protein at once and reserving them, you always have appropriate food available. This helps you maintain your new foodways.

AS an example, let’s consider chicken dinner ideas centered around chicken thighs. They are an excellent animal based protein, both less expensive and richer in collagen than chicken breast. Also we’ve developed a recipe just for them. The Cinder Grill’s 85 square inches of cooking space lets you cook up a big batch at once. 

However, what are some keto-friendly healthy dinner ideas for using this bounty?  Keto tips and tricks for chicken thighs can include these ideas. First, serve chicken with a nut-thickened sauce over cauliflower rice. Second, you can sizzle them with onions and peppers into unwrapped fajitas. Third, consider a cold chicken salad with plenty of avocado oil mayonnaise and Cinder-toasted nuts. A final idea is the most adventurous: use heavy cream as the sauce and gluten-free biscuits as the crust for a top-crust chicken pot pie.  We’re certain you’ll come up with even more chicken dinner ideas for using batch-cooked  thighs. 


The Ketogenic Diet is an unfolding way of life. As you learn more and explore, the Cinder Grill is here with you every step of the way.  We hope these keto tips and tricks help you realize the full potential of this healthy foodway, with the help of the Cinder Grill. 


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