How to cook chicken perfectly on Cinder indoor precision grill

A Guide To Poultry on the Cinder Grill

Chicken, duck, turkey, and other poultry become ever more popular. Their meat is lighter than that of four-footed animals, and often lower in fat. However, this low amount of fat can make it tricky to cook poultry to the perfect balance between food safety and tasty juiciness. Too often the results are either dangerously raw or mealy and dry. Of course, the Cinder Grill stands ready and able to solve this problem, reliably preparing delicious and safe dishes.  Read onwards for more details of cooking poultry on the Cinder Grill.


Cook Chicken on the Cinder Grill

The most popular cut of chicken, the boneless skinless chicken breast, is perfect for the Cinder Grill.  The sous vide method brings it precisely to temperature. Therefore the juicy texture and full nutritional value are preserved. Chicken breasts cooked on the Cinder Grill are a revelation.  However, the Cinder can handle more than chicken breasts. Cook chicken thighs slowly to maximize collagen release and tenderness. Cook chicken whole -- it all fits on the Cinder Grill’s 85 square inches of cooking space. Furthermore the Cinder cooks gently enough that the entire bird comes out ready at the same time. Just keep an eye on the drip pan!


Cook Turkey -- Like Chicken but Larger

The birds are not that closely related, but in terms of structure turkeys and chickens look a lot alike. To cook turkey breast, therefore, requires all the care and more taken to cook chicken breast. Fortunately, the Cinder Grill consistently delivers this kind of precision. Try a whole turkey breast on the Cinder and marvel at its perfect texture from edge to edge. No more dry tough bits or squidgy undercooked bites!


Cook Duck (Watch The Drippings!)

Ducks are a bit different from chickens and turkeys. They’re entirely composed of dark meat, yet their meat still has structural differences between breast meat and leg meat.  Therefore duck breast can be cooked to temperature like beef or lamb. Meanwhile, duck legs respond deliciously to slow cooking, like braising without the sauce. Of course, one can also cook duck whole on the Cinder Grill, for a very special presentation. 

In fact, the Cinder Grill is generally an easy and efficient way to cook duck. The main concern with this bird is its fat content -- will it burn? Will it spatter? Will it spill?  The Cinder’s gentle sous vide cooking method allows duck fat to melt away, which the drip tray collects neatly. The lack of high temperatures and the speed of the Cinder’s sear mode prevents burning, spatters, and other perils of hot fat. Simply keep an eye on the drip tray to empty it when needed, and cook duck easily with the Cinder Grill. 


Cook Game Birds on the Cinder Grill

These days delicious game birds are widely available. However, they still have their price, whether in cash or in effort. You don’t want to waste these unusual gifts! Fortunately, the Cinder Grill cooks game birds just as perfectly as their more commercially available cousins.

In general, when judging how to cook a bird, consider which familiar poultry it looks most like.  Lighter birds, such as partridge, poultry, and guinea hen, resemble chickens. Try cooking them how you would cook chicken on the Cinder. On the other hand, birds with darker meat, such as goose and quail, are more like duck. Consider the fat levels in detail. The size of a goose breast may make you decide to prepare it how you would cook turkey. In fact, goose should be treated much how you would cook duck legs, with careful rendering. Lean quail, on the other hand, can be raised to the same temperature as duck but then should come off the heat quickly for full juiciness. 

Whatever poultry you choose, be it a special-occasion game bird or chicken breast for Tuesday night, you can cook with confidence. The Cinder Grill protects you from both dangerous undercooking and dried-out overcooked food. Enjoy everyday cooking and culinary adventure with the Cinder Grill!


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