cook the perfect eggs on indoor precision cooker cinder grill

The Boiled Egg Diet and the Cinder Grill

Recently the Boiled Egg Diet re-entered the public consciousness and is growing more popular. Its premise is to eat three eggs per day, cooked in a low-fat manner such as boiling. It relies on healthy egg recipes, and promises weight loss while maintaining full nutrition and high protein. Does this diet deliver on its promises, and how can the Cinder Grill help?


cook the perfect eggs on cinder indoor precision grill

The Boiled Egg Diet: Variations

There are several versions of this high protein diet. The simplest, and least sensible, restricts one to a diet of only boiled eggs.  Because human beings are omnivores we don’t thrive on such a lack of variety. Your taste buds won’t thrive on monotony either, and no diet is sustainable if you get bored with what you’re eating.

Indeed, a much more sensible version includes healthy egg recipes such as scrambles  and poached eggs. Also, it includes a diversity of low-carb vegetables and fruits, such as broccoli, spinach, and citrus fruits. Furthermore it includes other low fat high protein foods, such as chicken or turkey breast and white fish. In this it resembles the Ketogenic Diet, and can be thought of as a lower fat version. Fortunately, the Cinder Grill excels at preparing low-fat food. Its single degree precision guarantees succulent results. 


Healthy Egg Recipes: Are Eggs Healthy?

In a word, yes, eggs are healthy.  As well as being high protein, eggs contain many vitamins, minerals, and nutrients. Furthermore the yolk contains emulsifiers and good fats. Of course egg yolk also contains saturated fats and cholesterol. However, recent studies have shown that cholesterol is not as strongly linked to heart disease as previously thought. Also, no single food is enough to sustain humans, and that goes for eggs as well. But as part of a varied diet eggs are quite healthy.

And they are easy to cook in nutritious and varied ways.  Characteristics of a healthy egg recipe include: small amounts or no added fat; plenty of vegetables or fruits; finally, lots of flavorful ingredients. If you like you can modify your favorite recipes to fit these features. 


Eggs on the Cinder Grill

The Cinder Grill cooks eggs perfectly and deliciously. Because of its sleek nonstick plates, very little additional fat is needed for cooking. Also, for extra insurance against sticking, you can cook on parchment paper. Furthermore, its degree precise control allows for some surprising dishes. Try ‘poached’ eggs cooked to perfection at 167F, or crisp ‘fried’ eggs without additional fat. When adding eggs to your everyday meals the Cinder Grill is your best tool.


High Protein, Low Carbs: Other Dishes on the Cinder Grill

What should accompany your eggs? Or substitute for them in non-egg meals? The features that let the Cinder Grill handle healthy egg recipes so well also apply to cooking tasty side dishes and other proteins.  Use the CInder Grill as a 350 griddle to saute leafy greens. Use its sous vide settings to bring delicate turkey cutlets and fish fillets to their perfect temperature, then brown them quickly on the sear setting. Even roast vegetables such as carrots, beets, and Brussels sprouts. No matter what you’re making the Cinder Grill produces delicious results. 


It isn’t our place to recommend foodplans, but to provide information. We can’t tell you which diet to pick or how long to remain on it. What we can guarantee is that whatever you choose, be it the boiled egg diet or anything else, the Cinder Grill will prepare your food perfectly, again and again. Thus, it will help you find success.



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