melted cheese on grill

Melted Cheese on the Cinder Grill

The only thing tastier than cheese is melted cheese.  The heat intensifies flavor and produces that smooth flowing mouthfeel so many of us love.  However, melted cheese is a little more complex than you might think. A major component of a cheese’s ability to melt well is its moisture content, and another is stable heat. Both of these aspects, and many other factors, make the Cinder Grill a perfect method of melting. 


The Science of Melted Cheese

Scientifically speaking, the the structure of cheese is a matrix of protein, fat, moisture, and minerals. When cheese melts not only does the fat loosen and flow, but the protein molecules need to unwind and attach to the water molecules rather than solely other proteins. Of course, that process is easier the more water is present This is why younger, moister cheeses generally melt better than older, drier cheeses -- compare Mozzarella and Parmesan cheeses.  This is also why the Cinder Grill is so good at melting cheese, but we’ll get back to that in a bit.


Varied Kinds of Cheese

However, cheeses are as varied as they are delicious, and many don’t melt in the way described above. Very dry cheeses such as most aged kinds (parmesan, romano, etc) have tightly entangled protein structures and little moisture to help them unwind. This is one of the reasons such cheeses are usually grated before use. On the other end of the range, fresh white cheeses such as feta and ricotta don’t tend to melt, though they do soften and become creamier upon heating. Also, there are ‘grilling’ cheese such as halloumi, which hold together in slabs that can be grilled or fried. All these cheeses risk cooking into a leathery mass if heated improperly. Fortunately, the Cinder Grill’s temperature control renders them all deliciously warmed.


Cinder Grill: Perfect Conditions

The Cinder Grill has three major advantages when it comes to melted cheese. First of all, its single degree precision protects the cheese from overheating. Secondly, its enclosed cooking space protects the cheese from drying out. This ensures that the cheese  will melt smoothly, rather than separate into clumpy protein and grease. Third of all, the nonstick plates resist sticking to even the gooiest cheese, making cleanup quick and easy. For all these reasons and more, choose the Cinder when you choose cheese.


A Selection of Recipes

Among our ever-expanding collection of Cinder Grill Recipes we have some which feature cheese prominently, including:

Keep watching our site for new recipes!


Melting Cheese: Further Ideas

However, in the meanwhile, feel free to play around with cheese on your Cinder Grill. Melted cheese can add pizzaz, protein, and even a sense of comfort to your dishes.  It can be an easy way to modify a recipe or to vary simple dishes. Also consider the appeal of melted cheese in modified diets. For example the parmesan fricos linked above make wonderful no-carb croutons in a Caesar Salad, and the toothsome grilled halloumi replaces meat brilliantly when paired with vegetables on flatbread.  With the Cinder Grill to guarantee tasty results, explore all the luscious uses of melted cheese!

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